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Sound Production

Producing original and cover compositions in the digital era, often requires a team with complimentary creative and audio engineering skill sets.


Each artist in the team lend their

skills to shape the various pre-release versions that are composed, arranged, recorded,edited and mastered for streaming.

Each member therefore makes a

unique contribution to how the final

track will sound.


For reader's that may not be familiar with how tracks are made - here's a 'snap-shot of the HRAF artist team.

The Recording Parts

Here is the ensemble of players that (when available) contribute to putting the parts of HRAF's tracks together:


Jumari is a singer and session artist, with a

fabulous vocal style and prescence. He has a

background in the corporate and cruising

industries. Although based in Spain, Jumari spends the bulk of his time travelling as an in-demand entertainer and show-director. He is the go-to vocalist for HRAF tracks.




Mitch Fielding is an Australian-based

drummer and percussionist. He has worked

with numerous acts as a session and live

drummer. He has a special interest in original

psychedelic music and is a member of several

groups, including 'Palace Revolution" &



Backing Instrumentation

The initial synth-based backing and guitars for

the tunes are composed and tracked in

HRAF's home-workshop ('the shed'). HR's role is to administer all the parts ( arragements, audio, visuals) and the final recording for

distribution to listeners.


Audio Engineering

Kimmo Vennonen is a sound designer

mastering and digital audio engineer.

Once the individual tracks for the song files

were recorded, they were transferred to

Kimmo's studio, kv productions for editing and

producing final mix-down versions.



Ron Boustead operates a custom-built, on-line

mastering studio, 'Resolution Mastering' in

Sherman Oaks, California. His resume as musician, arranger and artist is exceptional. Prior to release, the track is appraised by Ron, then mastered at

Resolution' - ready for streaming.


John Zechiel is an arranger and pianist, based in the US. He specialises in music arrangement and transcription for piano and guitar. The music score below has been penned by him.

Mitch_003 copy.jpg

Piano & Vocal Score

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