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HR Arts Factory Studio

An arts-audio studio workshop based in Canberra, Australia.

Audio & FX recordings

Artist co-ordination

Copyright and licensing administration

Other HRAF IP Projects:

Splashdown John Glenn

An odyssey of Glenn's voyage into space as the world stopped to watch him

Stage Play production for schools and community theatre

 - 75 pages - 75 minute show plus intermission

Stage Play for commercial production

- 90 pages - 92min show plus an intermission

Theme Track: 'splashdown John glenn' (Radio edit & long version)


Hail Regina

A story of human & political romp

A three season novel trilogy - 24 episodes

Television screenplay pilot + 3 season 12 episode pak: (612 mins)

Experimental R&D virtual exhibition of still imagery (enter via HR website)

5-part audio pilot drama (48mins)

Soundtracks (32 mins in 48Khz)


Return of the Thylacine

Stage Play production for schools and community

- 75 pages - 75 minute show plus intermission

Due for release in 2024. First reading inquiries welcome.

Journey to Valles Marineris

An experimental album and digital companion book designed as in-flight entertainment for sub-orbital and future space tourism

Release date: tba

The Arts Shed

HRAF is a self-funded home studio lab, based in Canberra, Australia.

This is one of a number of arts-industry concepts being designed for commercial and community use. The HRAF 'arts-shed' was set up 2018. The small but dynamic team of collaborators as mentioned on the previous page arrived thereafter. Several of the team are talented industry veterans with 30+ years each in arts-technology, stage-performance and recording.


This range of skills allows us to easily work across script development, experimental audio, licensing and project visioning/budgets. Interest is always welcome, as critical encouragement, assists us to do demo recordings, to advance a concept toward commercialisation in the future. 

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