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Storyboard plan 

"The video will attempt to tell the story of the link between Mole Creek, Tasmania - the modern home of 'thylacine tall stories and culture' and the new genomic science being undertaken by partners Colossal Inc & Tigrr Lab ( & other parties).

Humour is interspersed with the idea that whilst the science of a genetically engineered thylacine is in motion, a live tiger strolls casually into the Mole Creek hotel kitchen. Here the lyrics in verse 2 tell the story. Patrons celebrate. And the striped Tiger pie served by the hotel - is surely a stroke of artistic genius.

At the epicentre of thylacine culture are the figures of Doug and Ramona Westbrook, who host visitors from around the world in the Tas Tiger Bar. They are welcoming to all sentient beings. They represent the true 'heartbeat' of the annual music festival of tribute bands, who perform in the grounds of the historic hotel - in a township of just over 500.


Cut to aerial shots - out there, folklore says somewhere in the Western Tier forests, the Tasmanian Tiger may (or may not) be alive. Time will tell. Patience is required. And the controversy over its re-wilding continues..." 


Genre tags

Blended AV fiction, comedy, educational, video art 

Licensing Acknowledgements

The clip was made with the licensing & contributive support of:


Cyberlink, Power Director & Getty istock


Mole Creek Hotel:

   Doug & Ramona Westbrook

   Friends of the Tiger Bar and 'A Day at the        

   Creek' festival (Natureworks P/L)

    Tasmanian Tiger sculptural art works


Thylacine Integrated Genomic Restoration Research (TIGRR) Lab, University of Melbourne

   Prof. Andrew Pask & Lab team

Colossal Biosciences Inc.

   Founders - George Church, Ben Lamm   

(C)  HR Arts Factory 2024


2 Versions

Instrumental (4.22)

Vox version (3.54) - due Q3 2024

- proposed (subject to availability)     

     Vocals: Jumari

     Percussion: Mitch Fielding

     Pre/Post Mastering: Kimmo Vennonen

     Composed & recorded: HRAF

     Score transcription: John Zechiel 

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