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HR Arts Factory presents 
its latest soundtrack:


Welcome. There is genuine speculation as to whether a living Thylacine (the 'Tasmanian Tiger') might still be discovered in the grassland savannah or wilderness of Tasmania​.


Educational research and media videos abound on the thylacine's history and deemed extinction in

1936. Wide academic and social debate abounds.


HR Arts Factory has used its artistic skills to pen this latest track. We've crafted this audio-art to humorously imagine, the find of a living thylacine in the near future. And the wondrous historical event this would entail, if it were to transpire.  


And so we've crafted an optimistic tune for the: 'Return of the Thylacine'. 

Return of the Thylacine_003.1.jpg

Proposed release date:

18 April 2024

The Quest for de-extinction

Genetic restoration and engineering of a 'test-tube' thylacine is underway inside the TIGRR Lab at Melbourne University, headed by Professor Pask and team. This is assisted with philanthropic support, as well as a co-investment from the genetics and bioscience company, Colossal Biosciences (and using knowledge from CRISPR/Cas 9 technologies, where applicable). 


This might well be the way the thylacine's de-extinction is ultimately realised.  We await then, to see if this important venture can be progressed by the dedicated TIGRR team in the period ahead.


The implications this program presents for the preservation of other species is substantive for science and public alike .

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